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    G'day Bedmond
    Brokers are the caring sharing kind, everyone says so.

    On a different topic, I recently purchase some mobile phone signal boosters, mainly for my own slightly old nokia 5210, which gives me pretty poor reception at home here in the foothills of adelaide.
    Roughly my normal reception would be -
    on fine days 50% good 40% broken and 10% non existant.
    On overcast days 20% good, 60% broken and 20% useless.
    Only limited use with a booster attached but so far every call has been good clear reception over 3 days, 2 overcast and 1 clear. Very encouraging.
    Perhaps stocko is not such a dumbarse after all :-)

    PS I hold kcg and have much to gain if you all rush out and buy a gazillion of these devices
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