AGM 0.00% $1.60 australian governance & ethical index fund

i like agm

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    I seem to be a lone voice on this one but it looks very interesting today and over the last week.

    Last Wednesday and Thursday the volume was very large for this stock with over 1 million through the door on each day.

    Today the volume is good again and the stock has gone up 13% from 6.0 to 6.8.

    The buy side seems strong and the sell side is very weak at the moment.

    There was some very interesting option acquisitions early last week. More then 5 million went through. These options (20c) are way out of the money and expire in December.

    It would not take too many dollars to move the market to 20c. Whether it could be sustained or not is another issue. Certainly the holder of 5 million options would love to see this happen, not to mention the company that needs about 6 million bucks to get things going.

    Besides these trading facts the company is doing good things. Currently it has a mining application before the Tasmanian Government authorities.

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