i lay the blame..

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    ..of this murder squarely at the feet of the activists tou and belmore...working for the other side...

    Tuesday, January 4, 2005. 8:06pm (AEDT)

    Baghdad Governor assassinated

    Iraq's Interior Ministry says Baghdad's Governor, Ali Radi al-Haidari, and one of his bodyguards have been killed by gunmen in a roadside ambush.

    The assassination came amid a spate of deadly attacks in the Iraqi capital in the past two days, as insurgents stepped up activity ahead of the January 30 elections.

    An Interior Ministry official says a car of gunmen drove up and opened fire on Mr Haidari and his bodyguard in their car, killing both of them, on a road between the western districts of Hurriyah and Adil.

    Hospital sources have confirmed the deaths.

    Mr Haidari told reporters on December 27 that attacks and chronic insecurity were impeding reconstruction in the Iraqi capital.

    The technocrat, who worked closely with Americans on the city's reconstruction predicted a spike in violence in the capital ahead of the election.
    - AFP

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