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    I don't like it, but I do believe that:

    Gold is going down.

    The US$ is going up.

    The Dow is going up.

    But - I also believe that:

    The US economy is shattered. Any improvement in the Dow is simply due to the flood of 'new' US$ finding some place to rest. I undestand that in 2002 the DOW sat at 8000. In 2004, in 2002 US$ teerms, the DOW sat at 6000.

    The USA is running on empty. The 'official' figures are stroked and hedonistically stoked to present something appealing. America , quite simply, is stufffed - but the rest of the world must be prevented from seeing that.

    Please understand - The Fed is not a US gov. organisation. It is a private entity working for the benefit of its controlling interests. Those benefits do not equate with the well-being of US Mr Average. Those benefits do not require the US$ to be all powerful for all time.

    The world is built/run on paper currency - meaningless and worthless if one disbelieves the power of any nation to run the world on the result of world faith in its bits of 'coloured paper' . "In god we trust" indeed -do not trust that government. They lie.

    Gold is real. The currencies of the world are not.

    The world economy, thanks to Mr Greenspan, is on the highway to hell. And it's going to be/get very bad.

    The stock market is rising - so get in there and make all the profit you can .... because it's a nonsense. America is completely stuffed. It will continue to grind out profits and increased (hedonistic .... hehehe) values and great statistical figures ... but the average Joe Sixpack is suffering - and his pain is going to get worse.

    For my own part, I believe the economy of the world is going to get SMASHED!

    I believe what is coming will be much, much worse than the depression of 1929-32.

    I have no idea how I will fare. And perhaps that's my problem.

    "Slow train comin', round the bend"


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