VCR ventracor limited

i hear so much b/s here

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    Hi gominer,

    that's exactly why I think something is up.

    Technically we should have seen a re-trace back to the moving average (or at least close to it). But on Friday as soon as it slid down the price rallied on massive massive volume. And today we see the bigger orders come on the market (at market).

    Volume high at over 5m shares traded with half a day trading to go.

    And don't listen to some of the people in here... they'll always have a go at you and never thank you when you pick a winner. I've picked many winning biotechs AGT, NRT, CCE, EPT, ANP etc etc and I can't remember seeing any posts saying "good call" but I get flak from people saying "ramper ramper go away, come again another day..."

    lol, these chat boards are pretty comical sometimes.
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