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I have been away for a week in europe

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    and just got back and had a quick glance at the FAR board.
    Obviously, not worth the while to go through and read the big number of messages, which - JIMHO - are all just being posted "to pass the time" until some material news will come about.
    For that, I still expect that it will come in either late February or sometime during March. Exact timing will not really matter, however, as long as the announcement will be as good (or hopefully great) as we are all expecting!

    I did notice that some time has been spent on discussing the OIL PRICE. To me, this is also a kind of activity in "wasting time", as some experts predict that we have seen the low point already and others believe that we have not as yet seen the low point etc. etc.
    Some experts/analysts see a big recovery quite soon and others see an oil price recovery way in the future. Hence: NOBODY knows ANYTHING FOR SURE, naturally and obviously.
    But - JIMHO - a price of oil at current (or even a lower level) is simply not sustainable in the longer term. Hence, IMHO, it is just a question of time WHEN (rather than IF) the oil price will be back up (much) higher.

    My post today is also one that is of no real "value" in my own view. Sorry for that!

    All FAR holders will need is to show confidence and most of all patience in holding FAR for the longer term.

    If/when I can free-up more funds, I shall purchase more FAR shares when/if they will still be trading under 10c, which I regard as being a "bargain price". JIMHO, of course.

    All the best to all FAR holders.

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