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I guess it's up to me

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    G'day all,

    As nobody else seems to be commenting then I guess it is up to me.

    Cellestis today made a quite significant announcement.

    In brief, what they have effectively done is to extend their exclusivity as a TB diagnostic test supplier from 2007/2011 to 2015.

    The deal that they have signed has given them exclusive rights to a protein that is required to produce a TB test that clearly distinguishes between patients with TB and patients that have been vaccinated with BCG. There is no other useable test that does this

    Japan performs 20-25m TB tests every year and Japan has an extremely high rate of BCG vaccination. The QFTBMk2 test that the company will now be able to produce will become the test of choice for Japan.

    In a recent article published by UPI an analyst from Shaws identified CST as a potential "next CSL or Cochlear". The way this puzzle is falling into place he may be close to the mark.

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