i give gillard 2 to 4 months max.

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    Why? I think one of two scenarios:

    After Sunday's announcement of a new tax on everything to save the world her polling will plummet even further. Once the primary support has a "2" in front of it, Caucus will have no option other than act and dump her in favour of a leader who will can the idea of a tax on a benign atmospheric gas.


    The Greens will be drunk with power [- I see Milne usurping Gillard today by announcing a renewables fund ahead of Sunday's announcement -] and will increase pressure on Labor to adopt even more of their loopy agenda. The Labor caucus s just about fed up as the small rebellion over live cattle trade shows.

    Either way I think this government is close to collapse. You can see it in Gillard's mannerisms and increase in spoonerisms! What the hell is "assification" anyway?

    Gillard is a dead woman walking [I should add "politically speaking" so as not to upset any PC zealots]

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