"I felt the puppy rip my hand off mummy"

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    On the 29th of August 2015, just 6 days after her 8th birthday, Thalia Standley was doing what most 8 year olds do on a Saturday afternoon, she was playing with her friends. It began as any normal day, netball in the morning then climbing trees and playing chaseys. Thalia was at her friends house in the suburb of Valentine NSW, playing with a group of friends when they decided they would go and visit another friend who lived in the street behind. To access this street they had to climb a set of stairs which ran between 2 houses. Thalia ran ahead of her friends and climbed the stairs. When she reached the top she sat on a retaining wall and waited. She leaned back on her hands...little did she know that action would cost her, her right arm. The spot where Thalia placed her hand was next to a small gap under a backyard fence. Behind this fence were 3 fully grown alaskan malamute's. One of the dogs was able to get its mouth through the gap and grab Thalia's hand and drag her under. It viciously mauled her lower right arm and tore off her hand. Thalia's screams alerted her friends and many neighbours who helped her and called an ambulance (remember, these kids were 8 years old, what a traumatic thing to witness). The ambulance came within 10 minutes and Thalia was whisked off to the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle NSW where she underwent emergency surgery. Doctors operated for 5 hours on Thalia and desperately tried to re-attach her hand but unfortunately due to the amount of nerve and muscle damage, it was not to be. Not only did Thalia lose her right hand, doctors had to amputate her lower right arm just below the elbow. The first thing she said to her mum when she woke up was "I felt the puppy rip my hand off mummy."

    A fundraising effort has been set up to help with Thalia's ongoing medical costs. If you can find it in your hearts to help this little girl and her family it would be very much appreciated. The Standleys are a beautiful tight knit family. They have 3 other children so any support would be warmly welcomed. Every cent will go towards ongoing medical costs such as operations, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, prosthesis costs and counselling.

    Please click on the following link to see how you can help.....


    You can also follow Thalia's story here on this facebook page...

    Thankyou for opening your hearts to this beautiful little girl.

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