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    Sydney - Tuesday -August 26: (RWE)

    GOE2 has made a takeover bid for unlisted medical company
    called IVB Technology.
    In simple terms, IVB uses standard MRI equipment to
    measure iron concentration in the liver rather than the very invasive
    detection method of inserting a needle between the ribs into the liver
    This method is commonly known as a liver biopsy and has been the
    cause of recent deaths.
    Doctors around the world are hesitant in using traditional liver
    biopsies because of potential legal action.
    The new IVB method can be performed regularly in painless
    manner, even in infants and children at a cost estimated to be half of a
    normal liver biopsy.
    The patient can be discharged within 30 minutes rather than have
    to stay overnight under the old biopsy method.
    Results of the test can be assessed in less than 24 hours rather
    than up to 14 days.
    A high concentration of iron in the liver, called
    haemochromatosis, is mostly a genetic disease, especially in people of
    European background.
    If left untreated, this iron toxicity is a major cause of organ
    damage of the liver [commonly known as fibrosis, cirrhosis], heart
    [congestive heart failure and arrhythmia] and the pancreas [diabetes,
    and arthritis of the joints].
    22 MRI units now incorporate the IVB Technology, including
    centres in the USA, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
    This is expected to increase exponentially when both the US
    Federal Drug Administration and the Therapeutic Goods Administration of
    Australia adopt its listing.
    GEO2 estimates that over 10 million people in Asia, 4 million
    people in the USA and 100,000 people in Australia are afflicted with a
    form of hereditary iron disorder.
    A collaboration with a major US clinic is expected to be
    announced in the short term to strengthen long term revenues.

    Share price: 2.3c
    Share high/low for year: 2.3c/.07c
    Dividend: Nil

    Geo2 Ltd is an environmental company with unique waste
    management material separation technologies, focusing on the treatment
    of polluted water, soil remediation, mineral and metail production
    There are 3 main divisions, GeoWater, GeoMetal and GeoFlora.
    GeoWater focuses on removing contaminants from water with its
    water purification plants, both fixed and mobile, and acid mine drainage
    remediation process.
    GeoWater also works on separating solids from liquids with the
    Clarke IC-SEP technology (an air induced dissolved air flotation
    system). and separating liquids from liquids with its second generation
    hydrocyclones and oil water separator systems.
    GeoMetals main goal is to address the world environment's need for
    cleaner processing methods by developing and commercialising
    technologies which are socially responsible, ecologically sound and cost
    GEL have developed "demetalisation" technology which will allow
    recovery of the precious metals from electronics scrap in a non-waste
    producing process and also allow the recycling of the plastic.
    GEL have also developed Soil Remediation Technology and Dilute
    Leach Technology to combat soil contamination by heavy metals.
    The GeoMetals division has two joint ventures operate in China
    and a third J.V. has been signed with Metss in the USA which is
    transferring our knowledge and technology.
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