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i dont understand **this** market!

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    I honestly can’t work the market out!
    A small minnow mining stock advises they have hit some rock and clay and even a few speckles of dust – the stock rises 80% on the possibility of finding something…..
    Then a gas or oiler provides initial guidance that they hit a small pocket of gas or oil and the stock doubles in price………..
    Solagran confirms that Phase II [Bioeffective R] was an overwhelming success – could be used for multiple treatments and worked faster than a drug that grosses over US$100 Million dollars per annum? And that is just one single application for liver recovery! They also advise there could be additional options for diseases such as AIDS as a possible supplement to support current treatments. What could that be worth annually? Then you have other diseases and treatments – it could be worth in excess of $300 Million annually for starters!!!!! And its probably 6 months away…..guys help me here.

    I do agree that there was no $$$ involved or indication of when it will be OTC product but the proof is that it works and 2 trials have responded that way. It’s not new information but positively reinforces that Bioeffective R will be a product worth developing and selling to the market. Russia is a start but lets face it, liver damage must be an epidemic there so it’s a right fit……

    After all this – the stock is sold down to 24 cents on close……AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE?
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