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i do get a lot of laughts, really ....

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    Yes ..... I do get a lot of laughts, really ....

    Just going through a few old posts elsewhere ... Here's one of mine i got a 'chuckle' from .....

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    Yes .....

    smuggler's headline just a few days ago .... "Do not buy LOK.ASX"

    And ..... "LOOK is dead......"

    And ...... "This is why LOOK is dead"

    Plus ...... "LOOK is dead......and sell whatever you can."

    And tdunston said ...... "I think I am better off believing Smuggy……. "

    LOL !! LOL !!

    ALL within the past 20 days !!!!

    **** A great story is about to unfold. Mark my word.


    Oh, and in spite of the low volume (even depressed ??) on the Nasdaq last night, THEY did want them, it seems ????


    Anyone who has got this far, may care to check Ozestocks for an 'exclusive' that I have posted to SB2000, to see if he actually reads reply posts, to him.


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