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i can picture it now

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    Ah, you have to have dreams. But this is how I have pictured it panning out. Of course this is all for fun and thought up when bored one night.

    OBJ is to enter into a trading halt until no later than wednesday 14th January pending a market update.


    Jan 14th

    OBJ is please to announce the following to the market:

    - 3M has decided to proceed with a commercial agreement with OBJ, to replace it's current patch products worldwide, with OBJ's product
    - This will mean integration of the products over the next 3 months with an estimated launch date of 15th April 2010
    - Current 3M worldwide sales for it's patch products equates to $380m per quarter
    - OBJ expects to receive payment of 17% of gross revenues per quarter
    - This equates to $64m per quarter to OBJ or $1.35 a share (or $5.40 annualized)

    The company is pleased to advise also that i is in discussions with two other multi nationals with testing programs to also begin shortly.


    Now don't tell me no one else goes to bed and dreams up ways of becoming a multi millionaire right??? None of those figures have been worked out if you hadn't noticed, especially the "per share" value of such a deal.

    But I guess it does make you wonder.



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