i bet world markets will fall further

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    As this is not an individual stocks thread, I am freely posting my view on world markets. This means I am not down ramping at all any particular stocks or so.

    I am fully betting world indices could fall further.
    Any short term or daily upside means only tecinical or relief bouncing from reaction to heavy fall.

    The reason is that profound fundamental problems now facing both EU and US are not to be solved within short period of time. As they have come to here with very long period of time process, they also need a lot of time to solve.

    At this stage, what I am most concerned is that repeating of last Friday's major European markets panic free fall could triger major world indices crash at any time, IMO.

    I have been more than 20 years in Australian construction industry, but now is far more harder time than ever and even GFC period. Today's steel maker XXX's result shows this as an undeniable evidence.

    As a conclusion, stock investing/trading needs some cautious approach.

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