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I believe in NOR - follow the facts trail

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    I suggest that this price may be manipulated to drag it down for now.
    The facts are that the announcement of 23 June clearly states that they already got $ 3.5 million at 3.5 cents (oversubscribed) and these shares were allocated.
    The $ 1.5 million sought form existing shareholders will be sold I am sure - regardless of the fact that they can right now be purchased at market price for less for now. The first $ 3.5 was oversubscribed so there may well be so called sophisticated investors waiting in the wings for these shares not taken up.
    What is wrong with the company chasing up shareholders to see if they will take up their allotment, it has it happen to me before. Also it may well be possible that the company is doing to this at the request of the sophisticated investors to let them know what else may be available very soon.
    Azure who raised the finance accepted shares in lieu of payment - I am sure they are not going to miss out.
    As I see it (please correct me if I am wrong) end of last quarter NOR had $ 3 million left
    They burned about $ 3 million as well (which should be less this quarter)
    They received about $ 250 K as well.
    With this capital raising they took already $ 3.5 million
    I am confident they will take the other $ 1.5 million as well
    They made progress on every front and some deals as well with yet an other international company
    The deals that NOR is looking for / at are big deals and not sorted in a few weeks, some will take many months
    I agree that NOR has been to optimistic in some of their early announcements and that has backfired big time; that got our hopes and expectations up and then nothing...................... and nothing....... and more nothing.
    I also suggest that NOR needs an experienced CEO so Paul can concentrate on developing the product, you can not do both and I suggest that an experienced CEO would make a lot of difference in managing reporting and the stock market communications, leaving Paul free to do what he does best.
    The uniqueness and the quality of the product is there for all to experience - it just needs to be managed.
    I may be wrong in all this, so be it - I may be right in all this, so be it.
    I am sitting on my shares.
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