I am who/that I am

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    What hints do God provide when he said of the above?

    In Chinese, this can be translated to 我是我, pronounced as "Wo Shi Wo" in Mandarin and "Aw Shi Aw" in Cantonese. Also "I am who I am" is similar to "I am Hu I am"  

    Further, 我 can be broken down to / and  找, or with heart "心", becomes 必找 or must find. But what? Note the dot on the top right.

    Also the word 主 (Master) consist of a dot above 王 (King) and the word 玉 (Jade) with the dot down on the ground.

    Of the twelve animal signs in Chinese Zodiac, 鼠 Rat, 牛 Ox, 虎 Tiger, 兔 Rabbit, 龍 Dragon, 蛇 Snake, 馬 Horse, 羊 Goat,  猴 Monkey, 鷄 Rooster, 狗 Dog, 猪 Pig, only the 兔 Rabbit has a similar dot.

    Together, these point to Jade Rabbit.

    Also the word 日 Sun has a homonym 逸 which also has a 兔.

    Hope that you can heed this message 一点就明.
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