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    You truly are a digrace mate .Even when the indisputeable facts are there for all to see you are forced to resort to alleging that there are secret activities that will drive the company .Like hell there are .

    And SSI has gone up from 20.5c to 34c . Sure buddy.

    One trade for 11,000 shares took it to 26c and another for 7000 took it to 34c .Average outlay $2500 to shift the company value nearly 70% up .Volume ? This is a first class rort which happens because wise punters wouldn't go near this pea and thimble trick .

    You didn't remember to mention that GCN with almost no cash left and reliant for its existence on unsecured loans has dropped 20% in price from 10c to 8.

    This company is magic .Just watch it disappear into thin air shortly.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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