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i am somewhat amazed..........

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    I am somewhat amazed at the incorrect misleading comments portrayed by a few HC posters who continue to repeat follow the leader comments of Alphacenturian,who for sometime has had no new comment., continues to deride GCN by offering incorrect analysis and showing complete lack of understanding where its NEW M-vision initative is going.

    Two interesting comments on last night thread on GCN

    Alecfra said

    "IMHO there is a message in the fine print in todays report.

    "*** Note re item 1.15, 1.17 and item 1.23
    The economic entity continues to be able to access additional capital in its own right when required,
    including capital that may be secured arising from current discussions with major investors from the
    media industry, with however the objective of minimal dilution to existing issued capital. Further, the
    parent entity has also provided a continuing credit facility to the economic entity. (see item 3.2)."

    This can only be one of our TV channels and there aint many of them--- 9,7,2 or 10. It would not surprise me if it was more than 1.

    then jfc backed up by alpha/claris/Angus

    "Highlights of GCN's after close report.
    Sales of $130,913 are even LESS than the March quarter's $146,903!
    The OCF LOSS of $327,904 averages out at $109,301 a month."

    Well full marks to these wonderfull highlights that make no provision for timing differences. It is an acknowledged critisim that these Q'tly reports
    do not reflect the timing differences between sales and reciept of funds,any review of of strict accounts can only be done on a yearly basis as these differences are minimised.

    If you relook at them this way you would find that a very different picture emerges.

    The market will soon see who is right.
    Despite the knockers GCN is up and its major holder has gone up from 20 c to 35c---somebody know better.

    I have put Alpha and his mates on Ignore---others should also-it will filter their uselees posts

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