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i am not buying monday morning

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    Hi guys,

    Why should i buy monday amonarning?

    JBM alreadya makes up a77% of my portfolio.

    I'm waiting for a pull back to $4.73 to fill a gap in the xchart.

    I will not buy shares at such a price but call warrants(you can buy call options as well).

    JBM is bvreaking through $5 big time in the next few weeks.

    Do your own reasearch & you will see why.

    This keyboard is frucked, my [posts will make more sense when i get home.

    Anyway do yourself a favour & check out JBM.

    The last time i bought shares in JBM I paid $3.75.

    My average is still around $4.25.

    JBM can easy do a 50% capital gain profit. If Nickel prices perform as i think they will 100% caaapiaaaaaaaaatala gains are possible too.

    There is nothing to lose for investors.

    Traders might wait for a pullback, BUT I have been wrong before.

    Maybe there is no pullback this time.

    Currently I am waiting for between $4.60 & $4.70 before buying more call warrants.


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Currently unlisted public company.

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