I am Muslim,and ashamed

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    As it is looking
    like, Muslims terrorists did this horrible bombing in Balinese heaven,and as Bali is 90% Hindu,it has little impact on Muslim society.I have no doubt that this was the first terrorist attack on Australia by the J1,an Indonesian terrorist group with links to Al Qaeda, for the part it played in East Timor and it`s stance it has on Iraq.Anyone who has been to Sari Club and Paddies,know that it is always 80% Australians and at 11pm it is the busiest.If Australia wasn`t the target,why blow up 2 nightclubs full of Australians. I have been there and was planning to come next month. I am from Pakistan. Though I know terrorist threat is real, I would say not all Muslims are to blame. Over 95% just want to live by, and few just want to create chaos. Let us all humans unite and fight this threat. Normal Muslims like me want to get rid of these terrorists as much as any other will do. But please keep emotions low. And let us not punish Balinese for this terrorism. I hope Indonesian government does more to punish those mullahs in Indonesia, like those from Jemia Islamiyah (j1). I am waiting for thier arrest and execution.
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