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    Hi guys,

    I'm, following this share at least 3 years in a weekly basis.

    This week I decided buy and I did.

    Reasons ?

    a) all tests done at that stage shows higher chances to yes, than "no"
    b) the share went too much high under speculation, and now went too much down (under the same speculation curve)
    c) who lost money and want to sell. Sold.. Who remain now carrying huge losses will not sell because drop another 1 cent or 10 cents or 30 cents... Who lost 1,2,3 dollars new losses are "peanut". That limit the volume of willing sellers.
    d) Short works better when you have NO NEWS to come. We have now a sequence of 12 months to 18 months when all main relevant news is to come.. If they begin come yes, all other drugs will be consider (probably yes also) and the price goes viral up. (yes if its not good the opposite will apply)
    e) the capital available + facility shows lower reasons for capital raising and even if they happen will not change the substantialy the equacion of book value. A business with so huge past investment cant be judged by normal metrics... Because if successful you can add 3 dollars to price in one day. Meaning if you raise capital that create s ahole of 15 cents, what is the relevant in that ?

    The game is on.... Soon for sure will come big investors and I want be a little bit earlier to avoid the price raise just for the "speculation waiting the end result"..

    Good luck guys [email protected][email protected]!

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