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i am a downramper

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    having been categorised as a downramper for pointing out that the reason for the share price drop is as follows:

    1. Mgt decision to list on Nazdaq was massive failure, I don't need to explain why, simple the share price took a massive hit and hence impacted shareholder value

    2. Management have been saying for at least a year now that a deal on disks is imminent - mgt is losing credibility in the eyes of the shareholders because imminent means close and it's obviously not. Where is it?

    3. When Celgene extended for 6 mths we had a price sensitive announcement, when they didn't take up the offer we had nothing until the professor was forced to come out and say that yes they haven't taken up the offer, very diffensively I might add, and if you feel I'm exaggerating go to the MSB website and have a listen. He then put Celgene into the old " we are still talking to Celegene like we are with other pharmas" bucket. Having some indepth understanding of how the industry works, catching up with the CFO or CEO at some conference can be categorised as " in discussions with other Pharmas". It doesn't have much weight, especially when for 5 years every presentation, on the last page, has a " we continue to talk with Pharma on partnering deals" comment and not much has happened.

    4. For years MSB has been communicating to the market what a great partner TEVA has been, and now that they have left, they were never a good fit bla bla bla, thats just MSB trying to minimise the impact. By the way when I highlighted years ago that TEVA was a bad fit I got shot down by The likes of Dolce, which Is laughable consider the lack of credibility she has, any way doesn't matter

    You rap this up all together, it hasn't been a great 4 years for MSB and that's the reason why the share price is so low. Has nothing to do with shorters, yes they are in there but they are not the reason why the share price is sittin at $1.15.

    Right now this is a dog. And yes my sentiment will change when they start delivering positive news on RA, Pharma deals etc.

    I ask anyone to tell me which one of the points is downramping and not fact, very interested in reading people's take
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