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i almost hesitate to say anything....

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    there's really nobody who can shed any light on this one. Still, freddie's on ignore and so are a number of others, so I won't have to read too much garbage.

    The thing is, that IMU on the face of it, do have a few things going for them. They have good products in the pipeline, a big brother in the form of Merial, enough money to proceed with their program, and PP have recently taken a position in IMU stock. Now none of that is bad - so why the utter, utter stagnation in IMU trading? It's like IMU just isn't on the radar. There's just no interest it seems.....

    Short of IMU being dumped by Merial, the regulator not giving approval for trials, and institutional dumping of the stock - why isn't this pig doing better than it is?

    .... a rhetorical question actually, because I know nobody here has a clue why that's the case...... now back to sleep.

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