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hypotheticals to while away the months........

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    When,,, (not if....and real soon) we get the green light from the law makers, will the hypothetical bevvy of umm-ing and ahh-ing tee crossing and i dotting jayve-ers become enthused enough to realise that there just might be a queue for the most prospective off shore oil blocks, AND, the ever elusive silver lead zinc uranium anthracite, magnetite, haemetite, al2o3, fe3o2,mn, and mineral sands ?

    Who's talkin' it up in the corporate dressing rooms

    Who will be best dressed if aoi are not even close to being second best in the hypothetical scale of things?

    You don't think the onshore oil is the be oil and end oil do you?

    Sure,,, it's the best initial shot in the arm for all concerned,,,but it's a crawl before you walk sort of a shot in the arm, and will add precedent to clause 48 with inexorable reference to the testing of farce majeure.

    Once rrs have their legislative leg over...it will be on for young and old, reference the consigning of grid references.

    If range are the shop front,,,then the horn of plenty will surely secure jv after jv after jv.

    Canyoucopia with that hypothetical? or does it sound too much like another mythical broken rams horn?

    Second hypothetical....

    Going by the amount of gnashing of teeth, renting of clothes and cutting of hair that has gone on today,
    punters of the immediate gratification kind, as well as the long and weary holder types, feel hard done by again.

    If it's a matter of waiting another 10 or so weeks vs the other option/scenario that pongo continually harps on and on and on about,,,, shouldn't we all understand that some real and concrete news was announced today in such a black and white manner that will cause a preemptive queue to form...starting with volume, and ending with sp appreciation,,,after all, these sorts of stocks factor in upside early in the game plan rather than later dont they? Would aoi go and spend all that time, effort and money on that which was announced today, if they had not been given an agreement in principal undertaking from the helmsmen of the country ?

    Final hypothetical...

    With the copious quantities of bovinely fecal correspondence that the Co has seen fit to release to genuinely cocerned share holders as genuine responses over the ions,,,, do you really think, that if the now unlisted options reach yet another groundhog day, their original holders won't get another groundhog lifeline...??

    Of course they will..hypothetically speaking of course,,, because if you consider the previous hypotheticals as being capable of holding even a little water, #3 becomes still born....and vice versa of course.

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