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    Spare us this disgusting hypocrisy

    Here are some extracts and quotes from the above article regarding refugees/asylum seekers/boat people;

    "Blood on their hands," cried Melbourne's village idiot, Andrew Bolt of the Murdoch Herald Sun. "Resign, Julia."
    Bolt's Sydney counterpart, the equally uncouth Tim Blair of the Daily Telegraph, was on the same hymn sheet. "Weakness kills," was the headline on his diatribe.

    Nor do they ever accuse John Howard of bloody hands from the loss of some 353 people in the Siev X catastrophe of 2001.

    Tony Abbott will once again bluster that a Coalition government would turn back the boats, without ever explaining how. Should the navy just shoot them up if they keep on coming, Tony? He won't say, because he can't say.

    Thursday's lot of WikiLeaks cables blew the Tory gaff. American diplomats in Canberra reported that a "key Liberal Party strategist" told them last year the refugee issue was "fantastic" for the opposition. "The more boats that come the better," this anonymous guru was quoted as saying. So much for the crocodile tears over the dead and the traumatised.

    The hard truth is that refugees will always strive to come to this country, by whatever means they can and no matter what any government might do to stop them. As the cable from the American embassy said: "In terms of overall migration, the surge in asylum seekers is a drop in the ocean."

    S.I.E.V X history

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