Hypocrisy over their “enormous carbon footprint”.

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    Billionaire tycoon who urged Brits to eat less meat tucks into 20,000-calorie burger


    Norwegian hotel mogul Petter Stordalen spent £3million funding a diet urging people to eat more plant-based food to save the planet

    The billionaire who helped pay for a campaign urging people to eat less meat to save the planet has tucked into a 19,900-calorie burger.Norwegian hotel mogul Petter Stordalen is seen with an Octuple Bypass Burger – a stack of eight individual beef patties and 20 rashers of bacon.Mr Stordalen, 56, who has invested millions in the EAT Foundation, posted a picture on Instagram joking about his vegetarian, green-campaigner wife, Gunhild.It shows him eating a tiny burger, with the caption, “when I’m with wifey”. Alongside it, a snap taken at the Heart Attack Grill is called “business trip to Vegas”.


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