hypocrisy on bali 9 duo facing execution in indo

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    When the bali bombers were facing execution, did the Australian government make any representations to Indonesia to grant the 3 men clemency, mercy, or forgiveness?


    Did anyone in Australia at the time think they shouldn't be executed for their crimes? Those opposed to the death penalty in any circumstances would have, but the majority, me included, applauded the sentence when it was finally carried out.

    Now we are at the 11th hour for these 2 poor blighters facing imminent execution, suddenly we're all concerned and making noises to the Indonesian government.
    Did any of the people concerned about these 2 blokes, say or do anything when the first batch of 6 or 7 were shot a couple of weeks ago?
    I doubt it.

    I don't get any joy or thrill out of these poor sods imminent deaths. It's sad for them, and moreso for their families and friends, but they committed the crime and they should have known what the consequences could be if they were caught.

    I'm not sure about the death penalty for drugs, but I do support it for serious crimes like murder, terrorism etc. But what I think or what anyone else in Australia thinks, is irrelevant to the situation these blokes are now in.

    The Indonesian president has made a new ruling, and they've already executed foreigners so there is no use imo carrying on about these 2 blokes. They have exhausted their appeals and they are doomed. I hope they make their peace with their families before it happens.

    Under no circumstances should ANYONE buy, carry, trade, use or sell drugs in any of these Asian countries. The potential penalties are just too severe to take the risk.
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