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    are all members of the front bench of this governmnet tarred with the same tarbrush of deceit and lie's
    put this one to the vote along with co2

    Billionaire iron ore magnate Andrew Forrest claims Treasurer Wayne Swan told him WA should secede if it did not like the Federal Government's planned mining tax.

    The Fortescue Metals Group boss said yesterday that Mr Swan raised secession during a private meeting in Canberra last week in which the Federal Treasurer was pressed for information about how big and small mining companies would be affected by the profits-based tax.

    Mr Forrest, who visited Canberra last week to publicly campaign against the minerals resource rent tax, said the Treasurer refused to provide any details and hit back when the mining entrepreneur argued minerals in WA were owned by the people.

    He said Mr Swan had responded: "Don't give me any of this State's rights crap."

    Mr Forrest publicly aired his version of the meeting during a business lunch in Perth yesterday.

    A spokesman for Mr Swan said Mr Forrest's version was not correct. "The Treasurer has discussions with many business people and he respects the confidence in which those discussions are held," the spokesman said.

    Mr Forrest said he broke his silence about the meeting after learning that Mr Swan's office had briefed a Sydney-based newspaper with a very different account of the meeting.

    WA Treasurer Christian Porter said the Federal Government was disorganised and carrying out a major initiative without proper consultation.

    He said that if Australian States were the Jackson Five, then WA would be Michael Jackson and Queensland would be Jermaine Jackson.

    "No one wants Michael to leave the band
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