President Trump has been right most of the time about Covid-19,...

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    President Trump has been right most of the time about Covid-19, but the Left wing loonies have spread so much hate lies and deceit we had all better be careful, even with the vaccines that look amazing which happened because of Trump providing billions of dollars to the companies the left said they would not take any Trump vaccines, but now that tune has changed, latest news our FDA approves Trump antibody cocktail, Regeneron received $500 million from Federal Govt to develop and manufacture the treatments, history will prove President Trump a non politician who called a spade a spade, was defeated by constant attacks and lies from left wing media and Social Tech Companies and most of the left entertainment industry out to destroy him, now we have these left wing loonies, trying to tell us it is alright to get rid of calling people either HIM, HIS, HER etc no gender stuff, man what a load of whacko's, no more redskin lollies, no more black, white, yellow colours, getting a tan in the sun will be an offence, as I said before the Chinese have a plan, go to google an army general said it years ago that releasing a germ into the world is a good idea to weaken western civilisation, ie COVID -19, their plan is working, now look what is happening in the USA, free speech is gone if you are a Republican and have conservative views see what happens to you in the Education system if you speak out, bashed ,sacked ,abused, by the lefty Loonies, man the nexr 4 years will an eye opener. Trump was right on all the Covid -19 treatments, but was ridiculed, the lefties and the CPP are winning watch this space.
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