Very small study with only 64 in HCQ arm and 61 in Placebo. 4 in...

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    Very small study with only 64 in HCQ arm and 61 in Placebo. 4 in each group tested positive. Really only 3 in each group if you exclude the two who tested positive at week 1 (they could have had it at start of trial). Trial was testing as a Prophylaxis amoung health care workers with no hospitalisations or deaths in either group. Yoy cannot really draw any conclusions from a trial that small. The data just needs to be published and grouped together with other similar trials to form a much larger population from which to draw conclusions.

    Here is a link to another Prophylaxis trial of using HCQ amoung 604 health care workers :

    Hydroxychloroquine as pre-exposure prophylaxis against COVID-19 in health-care workers: A single-center experience Mathai SS, Behera V, Hande V - J Mar Med Soc (

    Results: We included 604 HCWs, of which 491 (81.2%) had taken adequate HCQ prophylaxis while 113 (18.7%) did not take adequate HCQ, 443 (73.3%) had high-risk COVID-19 exposure, and 32 HCWs (5.1% of the total) were COVID-19 positive. There were 10 COVID-19 cases (2.1%) among HCWs taking HCQ while 22 (19.4%) cases occurred in HCQ not compliant HCWs, with a relative risk of 0.1046 (95% confidence interval: 0.0510–0.2147, P< 0.0001), indicating a reduced risk of COVID-19 among HCWs taking HCQ prophylaxis.

    Conclusions: The use of HCQ as preexposure prophylaxis in HCWs was associated with reduced risk of COVID-19, suggesting its role as an effective chemoprophylactic agent.


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