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All reasonable points. Just as side note a small investment in a...

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    All reasonable points. Just as side note a small investment in a company which has yet to make anything or sell anything ( Orders started yesterday) is now up 400% plus for me.

    Another one is a company I hold LYC had a hostile take over from WES which was rejected. I noted that as found WES is in the hydrogen game via Coregas (About) Not sure how much of this they make and sell but suspect they are as keen as we are for a low/no C02 option to avoid the issues they and all other SMR hydrogen production business are facing world wide. (https://www.coregas.com.au/gases/hydrogen-gas)

    Not suggesting for a second another under priced take over offer from WES is about to amuse me for HZR. ( I like WES by the way- Very smart business).
    The 400%+ was Nikola- A $5K deposit badger on anyone's wish list? I'd love one myself especially if I could fill it from a HZR plant.
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