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hydrocarbons for sale 1c per share increase

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    Nice to come back from holidays to an extra present under the tree - Hydrocarbons

    1c rally off 135 mil shares is a sign of things to come as the traders play the stock hard

    Looks like the calender is roughly as follows -

    1 Set up intermediate production casing ove the next couple of days - Looks like they want to ensure well is progressed to production quality casing for future use - Lovely sign of confidence

    2. Looks like the hydrocarbons ae being tested over the next couple of days - I get the feeling they cannot fully test for commercial quantity till they get in a bit deeper

    3. Final drilling to target depth after casing completed - 6 - 10 days

    Looks very good. The amount of gas in the well has forced them to stop and improve the casing before proceeding to the real target

    Market cap is still only 20 odd mil with hydros present.

    Nice reratings to come from

    1 Traders going hard
    2. Hydro testing
    3. TArget depth revealing the full story

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Currently unlisted public company.

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