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hy released, excellent report

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    Excellent report.

    Compared to last corresponding halfs..
    Dec 02 = 1.384mill, Dec 03 = 3.298 mill, Dec 04 $4.181 mill

    Dec 02 = $37k, Dec 03 = $154k, Dec 04 $296k

    Profit (NPAT) Dec 02 = $24k, Dec 03 = $115k, Dec 04 $248k

    Cash on hand stable, Net Assets increased from $1.3mill to 2mill, Net Tangible Assets incresed from $994k to $1.768mill, debts paid down from $2.2mill to $1.1mill, GLO still on balance sheet at $700k with a present value of $1.62mill.

    All in all a great report...and the directors fees dropped from $128k to only $58k last half..so again they are not bleeding this company dry like some other stocks around HC.....
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Currently unlisted public company.

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