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hunter lied to the agm

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    I attended the PLT AGM

    at the agm hunter stated that sales of truscreen in the December 2007 half were already higher than in the entire previous history of the truscreen device.

    we now know that sales of truscreen in the Dec 2007 half were $19,255 while in the preceeding half year they were $30,241

    whatever your view of the future of PLT, this sort of blatant mis-statement is simply unacceptable.

    it is one thing to make a little slip like confusing the prestigious wall street journal (which has never published an article on PLT) with the internet rag the Wall STreet REporter (which publishes paid-for articles, including a piece on PLT)

    it is another thing to grossly mis-state current sales performance. . . . particularly when you are putting to bed a 40- cent capital raising.

    on any reasonable measure, this should be a sackable offence.
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