hunnakah: the truth

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    The jews have been trying to get back at the Greeks since that very event any way possible actually. A faction of the Hellenistic Empire the Seleucids, wanted to replace Jewish temples and Jewish way of life and replace it with Hellenic temples (zeus, artemis, apollo etc) in aim for Greek hegemony to be achieved on a cultural level.
    This was at about 170 BC, during that time wars were breaking out practically all over the Mediterranean. there was the Aetolian league (Greek city states) and Macedonia at war, there was Hannibal and Rome at war, Hanibal and Macedonia were attempting to forge an alliance against Rome and the Aetolian league (Greek city states). As you can imagine all hell broke loose in the Mediterranean.

    Macedonia and the Roman Empire were at war approximately between 215 BC to 130 BC (85 years). As you can see, the constant warring eventually took its toll on the Greeks and the Hellenistic empire and was on the downslope on the bell curve after 250 years of total rule. Hence, complacency setted in like concrete around the independant Hellenistic states of Magna Graecia, Asia Minor, Syria, Grek Bactria, Persia and other places like Thrace and Illyria for people were aware the Antigonids in Macedonia proper could not hold off a combined military effort of Rome and the Greek city states which excluded Sparta and its allies.

    At the Hunnakah the Greeks were extremely close sending the Jews into semi type extinction in 170-165 BC.. but as they say in the classics... this is history..
    The jews never forgot/forgave the Greeks they wanted some redemption and payback for this episode and recieved the greatest fright of their existance. Since then, the Jews went into security and self defence mode for the next couple of centuries, and for that, there are some reasons to be skeptical due to the big picture that Jews did get a fright of their life for if it wasn't for Roman expansionism ideology and Hellenic Macedonian pride ideology the Jews would have been in a spot of bother in terms of extinction.
    At that time the whole Judaic system was under Greek surveilance.
    Now that the Jews no longer had to answer to the Greeks after the wars (albeit Rome adopted Hellenistic culture lock stock and barrel which was giving the Jews some serious concerns) I think these Jews went into an even heitened caution mode and sent Christian missionaries or "bible bashers" to Rome that managed to persuade the Roman Impirical elite highlighting (selling) how great Christianity is and how this Jew on a crucifix will be our saviour and how ALL Pagan Hellenes are evil free thinking heretics and must be brutally converted to Christianity and worship this Jew, for this Jew on a crucifix will actually save the world if we simply follow the A,B and C's of the semitic thought process.

    Yes there was some vague references by a historian (forget his name) calling Judaism a form of mind control. Hellenic Kings were already aware of this and thus a policy was established to demolish the judaic temples centuries and centuries before the Hunnakah events but Greeks thought nothing of it at the end.. the Greeks back then just laughed at the Jews and actually held them in pity for their backwardness in analytical behaviour.

    Ptolemy for example; was quoting Jewish culture in one of his writings and he was discussing Jewish culture with absolute contempt. And so, the Hellenistic elite felt it was best to replace Jewish temples with Hellenistic temples, for they did not agree with this Judaic influenced thought control as Hellenic Kings were practicing a culture which had basically the opposite ideology to the Judaic one, and was vastly more free thinking and free flowing in an analytical sense. The bottom line, the Roman Empire saved the Jews from extinction from the Hellenic Kings. Now this is quite amusing for a half century after Rome conquered the Hellenistic Empire, the Romans expelled the Jews from Judaea. So if any Jew tells you how brave they were at the Hunnakah, now you know it is all a lie.
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