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    A gay bloke goes to the doctor for a check up.
    The moment this bloke sees the doc, he is attracted to him at once. He keeps dropping subtle hints, but the doc wants nothing to do with this. The doc's had enough and kicks this guy out of the surgery.
    A couple of weeks later the doc gets a phone call from the same guy, who claims to have something stuck up his bottom.
    NO! NO way yells the doc there is no way i am going to see you.But you must, I am in alot of pain says this bloke.
    OK this is the last time.
    The bloke comes in and drops his strides and lo and behold there is something stuck up his bum. It looks like a twig.The doc starts to pull it out. It's a long twig like thing with thorns on it, quite long, more thorns, then suddenly WHOOP!
    It's a bloody rose exclaims the doc.
    never mind the rose says this bloke
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