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    Medica Holdings has significant interest in three exciting biotech companies, one of which are in the process of starting human trials very soon.

    Cytopia - patents on novel drug-like enzyme inhibitors. Advance development in inflammatory drugs, breakthrough leukemia drug and trial to start for prostate cancer cure.

    Market potential for anti-imlammatory drugs- US$7B
    Leukemia breakthrough has also been announced (27 March).
    Exclusive worldwide license to kinases or JAK inhibitors. They have generated annual sales over $2billion (23 June ann).
    Human trials for prostate cancer scheduled for Q3 2003, which means SOON.
    90% owned by Medica

    Xenome - working on drugs based on the DNA sequences in naturally occurring venoms and toxins. Target disorders including pain, stroke, depression and Alzheimer's disease. There are currently no treatments for these condition that are free of side effects.

    Potential market - Cardiovascular US$30.4B, Pain US$10B, Depression US$10B, Alzhemimer's US$0.5B. The last three disorders have unmet clinical need. 40% owned by MCA.

    Alchemia - Uses synthetic carbohydrate molecules platform to discover new drugs. No successful competitros to date. Has a manufacturing agreement with DOW Chemicals. MCA has already received mioestone payments from this agreement.Currently testing several antibiotic drugs which have attracted significant interest from pharmaceutical companies. Carboyhdrate drugs/products have a market of US$4B.

    MCA has indicated that it would like to publically float its investments when the time is right. I have read a report stating that Alchemia and Cytopia looks close to this stage. When this happens, the true value of these biotechs will be realised. With a combined market value of only $30m, MCA has enormouse upside potential.

    PS - there are also no tax on capital gains because of its PDF structure.
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