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    A lot of punters are speculating on why the sudden movement from 8 - 17c this week. Stocko was correct to say it's only just reaching float prices. So where to now? It seems more than obvious to me that the timing of this run is paralleling the human trials which are due for completion mid May with results to be announced by the end of May. You don't have to be an expert in rocket science to read in that the human trials are obviously being outstandingly successful and the word is getting out. If the upper airway monitor is proving successful then no doubt they woiuld have already done their due diligence on future contracts. One would suspect that future contracts would already be in the bag and would be dependent on the success of the trials.
    So where does that leave us punters? With possible announcements being completion of trials 2. results of trials 3. negotioations for contracts / partnerships/ joint ventures etc 4. successful negotiations.
    Premier Bionics has only reached its list price and I would suggest there is more legs left in this baby bio yet. PBIO would seem to be a promising punt at these prices. I don't think anybody could argue there is only one direction this can take and that's up. Just look at Resmed in the same market.
    PS I hold PBI PBIO
    Cloud of Sparrows
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