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Human Trial Commences for Dermatological Compound

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    I found this announcement interesting, especially the part in bold.

    Human Clinical Trial Commences for Dermatological Compound


    HOMEX - Sydney

    Novogen has commenced a second human clinical trial of its novel
    synthetic dermatological compound NV-07a.

    The trial, at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney will
    determine the extent to which NV-07a is able to reverse the damaging
    effects of sun exposure on the skin.

    In pre-clinical studies conducted by Novogen, NV-07a, when applied
    topically, demonstrated an ability to undo the immediate effects of
    sunlight, such as reddening of the skin; and also to undo the
    underlying damage from exposure to sunlight which results in skin

    Both of these effects were observed even when NV-07a was applied
    after sun exposure and in long term pre-clinical studies this
    resulted in reduced incidence of skin cancer.

    Novogen's Research Director, Professor Alan Husband, explained that
    one of the mechanisms by which sunlight exposure causes skin cancer
    was by suppression of the skin's immune capacity.

    "The current study is being conducted in human subjects who have an
    inbuilt marker of skin immune function and who are susceptible to a
    particular type of skin allergy." Professor Husband said.

    "Normally these subjects have a reduced allergic reaction after sun
    exposure because the immune system becomes suppressed. This study
    will determine if the reduced immune effect can be avoided when
    NV-07a is applied after sun exposure in these subjects."

    Despite increased public awareness about the benefits of avoiding
    excessive sun exposure and the importance of sun block creams to
    prevent sun damage, the World Health Organisation's International
    Agency for Research on Cancer has issued a medical alert warning that
    the use of sun block creams is not effective in preventing the long
    term damage to the skin which may result in skin cancer.

    "The use of these creams reduces sunburn but does not correlate with
    a reduction in risk of life-threatening skin cancers such as
    malignant melanoma," Professor Husband said.

    Professor Husband added that NV-07a had commercial potential for use
    as an after-sun skin repair agent in cosmetics and skin care

    The current annual spend in the US on UV sun block creams is US$90
    million and in Europe the figure is US$100 million. The current total
    skin care market for the world is around US$30 billion annually, of
    which about US$6 billion is spent in the US. Australia spends
    approximately 10 per cent of the US market.

    Novogen's Managing Director, Mr Christopher Naughton, said Novogen
    would be managing the clinical development program for NV-07a and
    then reviewing potential marketing partners for the commercialisation
    of the product.

    NV-07a development has been supported by the grant of A$3.7 million
    from the Australian Government under the R&D START program.

    NV-07a is the third Novogen compound in human clinical studies.
    Immunosupression is one of the multiple therapeutic applications
    targeted by Novogen's phenolic drug technology research and
    development program.

    Within the same class of compounds are Novogen's anti-cancer drug
    phenoxodiol (now in Phase I/II human clinical trials in Australia and
    the US and under licence to Marshall Edwards Inc) and Novogen's NV-04
    cardiovascular drug program, also now in human trials.

    Novogen is involved in drug discovery and product development for
    disorders that are commonly associated with aging and co-ordinates an
    international clinical research and development program with external
    collaborators, hospitals and universities.

    For further information
    Mr Christopher Naughton,

    Professor Alan Husband,
    Tel (02) 9878 0088

    Westbrook Communications
    CONTACT: David Reid
    Tel (02) 9231 0922 or 0417 217 157 (Mobile)

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