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    and I can see it- the IDF move in - these hairy armpit brigade lefties get in the way.... screaming and offering sex to everyone with no takers.... and one gets hurt and it'll be "murderers"!!!

    And the chorus of sympathisers on H/C will ask for an encore.

    Australian 'human shield' for Arafat
    October 6, 2003

    AN Australian woman has joined a group of international peace activists acting as a human shield between the Israeli army and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

    Alice Springs-born Elaine Westblade is staying with 11 other activists at the Palestinian presidential compound in Ramallah, in a bid to stop any Israeli attack on the leader.

    The Israeli security cabinet has approved in principle Mr Arafat's removal.

    Ms Westblade, a 27-year-old social worker who lives in London, said she had been in the compound since Saturday night.

    She is a member of the International Solidarity Movement, a group of international peace activists opposed to Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    "The reason why we are here is there is a potential threat of an Israeli army siege on the presidential compound, similar to the one that happened last year," Ms Westblade said in a phone interview from the compound.

    "Certainly the worry is that something like that will occur again."

    Ms Westblade was concerned the Israeli army would attack the compound when an important Jewish festival finished tonight.

    "The worry is that when the festival ends ... the Israeli army (will) come in with their tanks and lay siege onto the presidential compound.

    "That really is the worry here and why we have decided to come to the presidential compound.

    "If that can in some way discourage, that may be rather optimistic, the illegal use of violence by the Israeli Defence Force.

    "We have nothing to protect ourselves as such. We hope our status and our countries will wrangle on our behalf and strongly convey the fact that were we to be shot at, were we to be bombed, that would be something that our countries on our behalf would strongly discourage to the Israeli army."

    Ms Westblade described the conditions in the compound as "pleasant" but "surreal".

    "The whole place has been wrecked," she said.

    "We are surrounded by rubble. Buildings are falling down, there are live wires, and piles and piles of rubble and squashed cars and metal."

    Ms Westblade said her presence in the compound did not mean she agreed with the Palestinian political platform.

    "Rather we believe that the Palestinians have the right to select and chose their president," she said.

    Earlier this year, 23-year-old American student Rachel Corrie was killed when she was run over by an Israeli military bulldozer in Rafah while working as an ISM activist.

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