human cruelty vs. animal cruelty

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    What is the price re: 1 human life vs. number of cattle lives. 1:1000, 1:2000 - or there is no number that can support the death of a human. Well let's be brutally honest here - if people from the land were committing suicide because their business were going broke because of the drought - don't think that more personal tragedy and heartache won't occur due to the lastest live cattle ban. It disgusts me how this government seem to govern based upon media ratings ... sure I don't like animal cruelty, but I also hate human cruelty. Surely inspections could be done & if facilities do not comply - then sure - no trade to them - but to desimate a whole industry - on what was a number of locations does not seem far to all. I agree something had to be done - but to me - this is a big knee jerk reaction & perhaps will get more votes - but not from me.
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