hullraiser=monogamy banned poster back again

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    As a long term member of HC its annoying to find these same old idiots littering the forum with thier usual rubbish under different forum names; What is the HC policy on multiple names and banned posters coming back under new names? Respectfully request HC to ban the latest reincarnation of hellraiser; thanks
    NB: Copy of thread below confirming his new nic.

    Subject hellraiser=monogamy member since: 20/01/2003 posts
    Posted 19/02/03 15:52 - 34 reads
    Posted by cpecan1
    Post #30778 - start of thread

    Hell-loser is back? You know, that annoying little %^(*(* that kept on encouraging every of the virtues of buying banks at their highs..

    Voluntary Disclosure: No Position Sentiment: None TOU violation

    Subject re: hellraiser=monogamy member since: 20/01/2003 p
    Posted 19/02/03 16:03 - 16 reads
    Posted by Monogamy
    Post #30784 - in reply to msg. #30778


    Another loser on this forum simply reminding you of the fundamentals.
    How many other tssers are on this forum supporting views I had 12 months ago.
    You have to be an old fart, surely with such a naive attitude?

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