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hugo boss signs with lumacom

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    before reading the report, keep in mind that i have options that i would like to sell at some price, before expiry


    HOMEX - Perth

    West Australian based Lumacom has announced today (through its joint venture partner, Mega Profile Limited in London) that it has contracted the international fashion and lifestyle group HUGO BOSS and TAG Heuer as principal advertisers for Lumacom's first screen
    installed in Europe.

    One of the World's leading fashion names, Hugo Boss, along with the benchmark in chronographs and sports watches since 1860, Tag Heuer, will be seen on the high profile, giant Lumacom Screen in Barcelona
    in time for the Spanish Grand Prix commencing May 4th.

    The Lumacom screen is currently being installed at the very prominent Barcelona tourist location, the Maremagnum complex. Combined with the
    increased influx of tourist population as a result of the Grand Prix, this provides Lumacom with an outstanding forum for its European release. The screen is expected to be the first of a large number of Lumacom screens forming a network of outdoor advertising displays
    across Europe.

    TAG Heuer and HUGO BOSS, both partners of the McLaren Mercedes Formula One Team, have seized the Spanish Grand Prix opportunity, which promises direct flow on benefits for the Lumacom/Mega Group
    consortium via increased coverage, interest and excitement in the site generated by the high profile international event.

    Mega Profile is finalizing negotiations with other international brand advertisers for contracts of this calibre on the Barcelona screen and other as yet undisclosed sites across Europe. The revenue
    stream conforms with previously announced projections for the site. Eleven additional screens of varying size and specifications are currently being negotiated. These opportunities emanate from a recent
    Mega Profile Group conference held in Berlin at which senior Lumacom marketing personnel and the Company's Managing Director, Mr Rodd Sala, attended and presented to all 13-country constituents forming
    the Mega Profile Group throughout Europe.

    Mr Sala said, "The Berlin conference provided an ideal opportunity to address all members of The Mega Group and we are excited by the prospects of a Europe-wide network of Lumacom screens". He also added, "The Lumacom advertising network strategy was well received and as a result Lumacom anticipate a rollout of its screen technology throughout Europe to continue progressively. We are proud to associate ourselves with such prestigious brands as TAG Heuer and HUGO BOSS."

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