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huge potential

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    i wish i had smoked opm ;-)
    someone said, the people who bought at 1.5c burnt their fingers...maybe they didn't.
    after the issue of the new shares on the 14.10. the price will maybe fall. but i'm not selling i'm not bringing down my average.
    the first marisan system is built in italy at the moment, for australia. the interrest from the industry is huge.
    mepi is one of the finalist of this years queen's golden jubilee award... and so on.
    companys like carnival cruise line - the biggest cruise company in the world - tested the system. and replaced their old systems through the marisan system.
    mepi and opm will gain momentum, if it happens, next week, next month or next year. the profits will be huge.
    and bare and me are not the same people.
    even if we are think opm rocks
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