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Huge potential in drc

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    I enjoy reading about political news geography and factual news. I don’t know a lot but enough to get my head around what’s going on in certain areas. What I have found interesting is the money being spent on infrastructure roads, water and power in the drc. The drc is so rich in resources it Will continue to attract huge dollars in the foresable future. The gold in the ground has attracted me to vec and I will ride this as long as it takes because the potential is huge. Yes there are risks but have a look in our own backyard with Australian companies like a40.
    What I also find interesting to read in people like below comment and others that do not hold but feel obligated to put a negative spin on companies that they have not invested in. It’s like walking into a Macdonalds and yelling out you should be in Pizza Hut. What else I find really fascinating is that the people who come on here with all the negative spin their stocks that they hold and have buy on are performing terrible. So in conclusion if coming on here to release that negative frustration that you feel from your own investments makes you happy then feel free to ask for help or a friendly chat. Because what I have found is us investors here in vec are a great group and very patient people. I really hope your stocks that your in that are down go up and you get that positive feeling back in your life. Take care all the best. Go gold go vec
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