huge move & gold (((***)))

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    The US dollar is going beserk. Rising strongly. What about oil? There's no shortage. We were meant to be running out of oil 100 years ago!! Gold? Well, put it like this. The rand has risen 96% against the US dollar over the last three years. Destroyed the value of Sth. African gold companies. My bet is even if gold rises the little Aussie battler will wipe out those gains by rising faster against the US dollar than gold. Look at gold in Aussie dollars. It's been going nowhere. Only $540. In real terms it just keeps falling. It was $720 in 1987 and $590 in 1993. Just to get back to 1993 levels in inflation adjusted dollars gold has to rise in Aussie dollars to about $800. Gold bull. Hah. We're in an Aussie gold bear market.
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