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huge demand almost announcement time

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    Its almost time for the HUGE DEMAND lines to be tested. Many of us have waited a long while and some a short while.

    The price is at lows and that is when you buy. eg I bought FAR at 2 cents and sold at 3.7 recently.

    For my money and many others it has always been about sale and demand for Ropren. There is no negative information out there anywhere about the product Ropren. None of the show ponies have been able to denegrate the product ROPREN.

    There is evidence that it works and does what it says it does, is there evidence to the contrary? NO, just that some are not happy with strength of testing claims. Who cares its a pharmaceutical now and sales will be the guide!!!!!

    It was good enough to become a pharmaceutical and is being produced at about 4000 courses a month solagran must be a bees nipple away from demand supply announcement/s? I still think why create new factories/ make 320000 courses a year and sell none????This is still startup time.

    You can sit and make false negative claims, or whinge and wait for a 22 cents or 20 entry but what if you miss out for a cent or 2...or if the announcements flow, back we go through 30cents then beyond when sales and demand is regular and you miss out at bargain levels again, up to you.

    Personally I have upped my quota again, depending on news as to how long I hold most of them. From my enquiries, the games are about to begin again. You have to be in it to win it or sit on the side and miss the potential gains.

    I am ready for the next leg.. Good luck all, I feel it in my pine limbs, my pinecones are shaking in anticipation. Show me the money show me the sales and or orders!

    Good luck all do your own research as usual...

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