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    Hi Friends, new to this forum, so if I am out of line please let me know and I will tone it down

    See above article that was in the Newcastle herald it raises the interesting question to the NSW Government ?

    With all the fan fare of the ICAC investigation in the procedure of the lease, how it was handled by the dept and the minister ,( MacDonald  who had the authority to over rode he's dept and I believe that this is still the case for minister's today ) of  the corruption involved

    What happened to the  report presented to the NSW Government on Recommendation's to correct this , what bills changes have been made to stop this corruption which was tainted ?

    What has the Government done to correct this process, five years on as per the article  ?

    Once again it shows  the true story behind all the noise

    ICAC recommended the lease be removed with compensation given

    BOF and the NSW liberal government just cherry picked what they wanted

    Let's also remember that Barry used he's authority, power to allow the Packer Casio to gain approval  when it come to planning applications , I think there were 7 as reported at the time  that the minister's authority came into play on

    There was also talk of BOF going to Crown but ended up as CEO of Racing Aust , which Coolmore and other studs  had an  major interest in that the Nucoal project did not go ahead

    Each way bet Barry

    So along the way he takes out a personal political attacks as well

    Gee , I wonder if he shared that bottle red with any one has he sat back and thought of what he had achieved

    Lets also remember he lied on the ICAC stand and not a held account

    Makes me wonder if Possibly it was the planned exist ?

    We really have been taken as fools , not just us as investor's of Nucoal but the people of NSW , people of Australia as we vote for these people to represent us , to do right for the better good , it truly is a sad story the politician's  of today  

    This was all done in the public forum with us watching , well the ones that care , while the rest watch their sports (as the politician's like)

    With the do good citizen's of NSW  thinking how great ICAC is stopping this corruption ( While it creates more of it)

    What's the code of the politician the voter "forgets in time "

    I feel that the above facts need to be raised and questions asked  

    This would lead to clearer waters than that in which the mud that ICAC sits in

    ICAC is  independent the facts shown  do not suggest this  ,

    The ICAC/NSW Gov Genie will come out of the bottle that the Government continues to pass bills to try to keep contained

    ICAC is  control of power , politician's love power that's the game for them, the true prize

    So the Fed politician's think a National ICAC is a good idea, cause they do , they have been watching the power it has created in NSW,  play the ICAC game of power which is above all  create change the rule/laws as required

    We my fellow Nucoal shareholder have been caught up in a political power play to become road kill with our wealth stolen from us , Nucoal had a create future which was taken from us
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