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    now if they can detect madcow
    whats gdp worth simply as a research tool alone !!!!

    got to love this tech possibly aust biggest biotech in the making

    as ive said research scientists could play with the gradiflow machine for yrs and find still more aplications , but they have stood aside for a bussiness man to take the reigns , and finally start moving to comercialisation

    gdp machine aside , they also have a world first in long life gels that alone is a large mkt
    if madcow alone is potentialy worth $2.5 bill
    whats the whole tech and its other uses worth ??
    ive researched this stock for 5 yrs and i really still cannot grasp the full use or potential of the gradiflow machine
    they state that potentially only 5% of total incomes could come from fractionation
    incredible or what

    anyway do your own research
    food processing
    drug manufacturing
    this list is endless

    regards gaga
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