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    HPX is a good and constant earner.
    At these levels it is paying a fully franked yield around 6.35%.
    Whatever Kodak's intentions the business is solid and growing.
    Company Announcement
    HPAL responds to media article on Kodak`s shareholding

    HOMEX - Sydney
    HPAL Limited (operating as HPA) responded to a media article that
    appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald today. The article speculated
    that majority shareholder Kodak was considering selling its shares.

    HPA's Managing Director Mr Terry Daly said that it is not HPA's
    position to comment on Kodak's intentions. However, Mr Daly
    highlighted that Kodak took steps in 2002 to maintain its majority
    holding in HPAL by purchasing an additional 807,457 shares.

    Mr Daly said that Kodak has not been a net seller of shares.

    "Since HPAL listed on the ASX in December 2000, investors have
    frequently speculated on Kodak's intentions. Kodak has maintained its
    majority shareholding and this is an indication of its commitment to

    For further information contact:

    Jocelyn Biddle,
    Investor Relations Manager, HPA Limited
    Tel. 02 9311 9799 Email: [email protected]
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